Proof of Vaccine Requirements starting October 4th, 2021

In Accordance with the Nova Scotia Health Authority, the New Mandated Guidelines of Vaccination to Attend Classes are as Follows:
The following  Guidelines fall under Nova Scotia's Proof of Full Vaccination Policy.
All adults must show proof of vaccine to attend classes.
Children who turn 12 years between  Jan 1 and Oct 4, 2021, have until  Dec 31, 2021 to attend events and activities while they get vaccinated.
Children who turn 12 years after Oct 4th, 2021, have 3 months from their birthday to get vaccinated. 
 Youth 13 - 18 years
Students 13 - 18 years, must show proof of vaccination, that they received one dose of Covid 19 vaccine, to participate in art class ( recreational activities)
To continue participating students must provide proof of full vaccination by Nov 9, 2021. Students will need a first dose no later than Sept 28th, and 2nd
dose no later than Oct 26th, 2021.
Photo proof of vaccination can be emailed, or shown in person at studio.
Social distancing, masks and hand sanitization requirements will continue to remain in place. 
Entry and Exit of Classes  
Parents must remain outside building.
( Exception / parents bringing student to class for the first time.)
Students will be required to wait outside and enter when sign in front upstairs window shows OPEN  
When class is over, parents are required to wait outside the building to meet children when they exit.   
If parent(s) are running late to pick up their children after class, please notify instructor by phone call or text.  
To ensure the safety of the student waiting, parent must notify instructor by phone call or text upon their arrival,
for student to come downstairs to meet parent at downstairs front door.  
Instructor/ Parent conversations must now take place outside regular classroom hours.
Please contact by phone or email and or schedule a time to meet in person.  
Complete a Covid 19 Self Assessment
  • If in the past 48 hours you have had or are currently experiencing the following:
  • Fever ( chills / sweats OR cough, new or worsening ) or are experiencing 2 or more of the following symptoms, stay home, self isolate and call 811  
  • Sore throat, shortness of breath, hoarse voice, sneezing, headache, runny nose, new onset of fatigue, new onset of muscle pain, red/purple lesions on feet, toes or fingers without clear probable cause,diarrhea, loss of taste or smell.