Along with providing a secure, relaxed environment to create and learn, the safety and well being of my students is my most primary concern. Therefore in preparation for re opening my studio during Covid 19, I will be implementing the following necessary changes.      

Statement of Procedures for Covid 19                            

Physical Distancing / Classroom Seating  

Each class will be limited to an enrollment of 4 students. There will be a distance of  2 plus metres between each student seated at their easel.  Students are required to limit movement to their seating area only.  

Classroom Hygiene  

Studio classroom will maintain the highest sanitary protocols before and after each class.

Prior to entering classroom,all coats will be hung outside classroom with sufficient space to avoid contact. 

Students will be required to sanitize hands before entering classroom via their own personal hand sanitizer or wash hands in adjacent washroom next to studio.

CDC washing guidelines will be prominently displayed in washroom.  

Respiratory etiquette guidelines will be prominently displayed in studio with a designated plastic lined waste basket for disposal of tissues. This is to be followed by proper hand washing protocols.  

When possible, cross air circulation will be implemented.  

Due to high touch use of cell phones, students must arrive with their own sanitizing wipes and clean their phone before entering class. Otherwise students must use cell phone outside classroom in hallway and re wash hands before re entering classroom.  

Instructor will be wearing a face shield and or face mask.  

Regular high touch surfaces / seating, tables, easel edges, ipads, door handles/ will be sanitized after each class.  

Art aprons will no longer be provided. It is recommended students bring their own apron to class or dress appropriately for working with water based painting materials.    

Sanitization of Art Materials  

The brush washing station will only be used by instructor for clean ups.  

Adult Students  

Adult students will not be using class art materials, as they are required to provide their own. In the case of borrowing a brush or tray, they will be sanitized at end of class by instructor.    

Child /Youth Students  

Students will have restrictions with handling classroom art materials. Instructor will hand out drawing and painting materials individually to each student for their class project. Students do not co share art materials during a class.  

Brushes, stay wet pallets, water buckets, will be sanitized by instructor at end of class.  

Smaller art materials ie, pencils, colored pencils, chalk pastels, oil pastels, markers, pens, conte, charcoals/ will be stored for 1 week before being placed out for re use again.  

Entry and Exit of Classes  

Due to social distancing and time needed for sanitization protocols, it is now required to limit number of people entering building. Entry is limited to students only, and students will not be permitted entry until OPEN sign in upstairs window is turned on.  

When class is over, parents will not be permitted inside building to meet their children. Students will be required to meet their parents outside the building at front door.  

If parent(s) are running late to pick up their children after class, please notify instructor by phone call or text.  

To ensure the safety of the student waiting, parent must notify instructor by phone call or text upon their arrival, for student to come downstairs to meet parent at downstairs front door.  

Instructor/ Parent conversations must now take place outside regular classroom hours. Please contact by phone or email and or schedule a time to meet in person.  

If student has 2 or more of the following symptoms, stay home, self isolate and call 811  

Fever, signs of a fever, chills, new cough or worsening of cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, hoarse voice, sneezing, headache, runny nose, new onset of fatigue, new onset of muscle pain, red/purple lesions on feet, toes or fingers without clear probable cause,diarrhea, loss of taste or smell.  

When a student travels outside province, upon return they must wait 14 days before returning to class.