Children / Youth Fine Arts Program (ages 8-15)

September 2023 to June 2024

Semi-private tutoring within a small class environment.
Classes are combined ages, however, lessons are taught appropriate to individual students age, ability and comprehension.


Art Program Description

The Fine Art program focuses on aiding students in developing strong drawing and painting skills.

We believe that just as a student practices with a musical instrument to better express a piece of music, the same discipline applies to acquiring proficient drawing skills, to adequately express drawing a subject.
The fundamentals of drawing are taught with students learning various measuring techniques to accurately depict drawing from a reference.
Learning how to shade subjects will be taught with graphite, as well as combining multiple, traditional art materials in an illustrative style. Eventually over time, when the student has a full grasp of drawing, they will feel better prepared with sound drawing skills, to incorporate subject matter with imagination. 

Students will learn drawing and painting over a wide variety of subjects which include the following: Animals, portraiture, still life, fantasy, anime and landscape.

Drawing and painting subjects will be illustrated using a wide variety of non toxic art materials: graphite, charcoal, conte, colored pencils, pen and ink, chalk pastels, oil pastels, watercolor, gouache and water soluable pastels. Materials provided are high quality, giving students superior results.

As students progress, it is expected students will need several classes to complete a project. One on one teacher-student interaction fosters each student’s confidence in their own unique abilities without judgement of comparing themselves to others. When a student’s confidence in their skills grow, their desire to expand their ideas and ability to create and express their own unique skills grow naturally. This enhanced learning contibutes to accelerated growth in skills and accomplishments.


Please note: Students are required to focus independently on their own work, during their 90 minute class time. Program is not designed for students looking to create through experimental play art and may not be appropriate for children with special needs and some LD


How to Enroll  / 5 Week Class Trial Required

Semi Private Classes / Limit 5 Students Per Class

All students looking to enroll for the year are first required to participate in our 5 week Summer class trial.

This time will provide the student and instructor the opportunity to see if the program is a good fit for continued enrollment.

If a student is accepted for yearly enrollment, they will be offered a space based on days and times available in September. 

Openings are limited each September, therefore if an immediate space is not available, the student will be placed in line for the next available opening.

We are now booking enrollment for 5 week trials for Summer of 2025, to be eligible for the following Sept 2025 yearly program.

Limited spots available.

For further information, please go to menu, choose Children/ Youth programs and scroll down to Summer Programs.




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