Children / Youth Yearly Art Program (ages 8-19)

Semi-private tutoring ( 4 students per class ).
Classes are combined ages, however, lessons are taught appropriate to students age, ability and comprehension of each student.

Art classes are structured as a fine art program to facilitate students in developing their drawing and painting skills, thereby giving students the visual language to confidently express their own artistic voice.

Students will have fun completeing class projects while progressing their skills. Later on under the guidance of the instructor students will get to choose some of their own personal projects to work on.

As students progress, it is then expected students will need several classes to complete a project. One on one teacher-student interaction fosters each student’s confidence in their own unique abilities without judgement of comparing themselves to others. When a student’s confidence grows, their desire to expand their ideas and ability to create, and express their own unique creative voice grows naturally.

What Students Will Be Learning

Students will learn from a variety of subjects:
Still life, landscape, seascapes, animals, figure and ( portriature/ see below ). Students will expand their artistic knowledge by experimenting with various styles and techniques of drawing and painting, while learning about the work of other artists past and present.

Portrait Instruction only taught with non toxic blendable mediums / graphite, charcoals, chalk pastels.


Lessons are broken down into basics, according to each student’s artistic level of skill and comprehension. To inspire students confidence in understanding form and placement of what they see, instruction will cover various drawing techniques. Students will receive extensive instruction to help them develop their perception of line, shape, perspective, and shading with light and shade to create three-dimensional forms.


A strong drawing base provides the basis for students to develop confident painting skills through the understanding of color theory, color mixing, elements of design, and composition. The painting mediums students will be working with are non toxic dry and water-based media only. Graphite, oil and chalk pastels, coloured pencils, water soluble pencils, water soluble pastels, gouache, ink, watercolours and acrylics.

Please note: Program is not designed for students looking to create through experimental play art and may not be appropriate for children with special needs and some LD.

Children and Youth Class /Sept 2021 - June 2022 Schedule

Classes begin Tuesday Sept 14, 2021 and finish 2nd week in May 2022

No Classes during the following days in the year:

Remembrance Day  Thurs Nov 11

Christmas Break    Sat Dec 18 - Mon Jan 3

March Break        Mon Mar 14 - Sat Mar 19

Easter Week End   Friday Apr 15 , Sat 16, Apr Mon Apr 18

Make up classes for Studio cancellations are held in May and June.

September 2021 -June 2022 / Please see Wait List Policy Below

Due to re - enrolment of existing students for 2021 and 2022, a waiting list will be maintained for new students

Tuesday         3:45  -  5:15 pm      
5:45  -  7:15 pm    
3:45  -  5:15 pm     
5:45  -  7:15 pm     
3:45  -  5:15 pm     
5:45  -  7:15 pm    
Friday 4:00  -  5:30pm     
Saturday 10:30  - 12:00 pm  
 1:00  -   2:30 pm      
 3:00  -   4:30 pm      

Reserving Space / Fees and Payment

Sept 2021- June 2022 schedule will consist of 32 weeks of ( 90 min classes ) 

Total fee for the year /$ 42.50 per class x 32 classes ( plus hst )


All drawing and painting supplies included, along with students being given a quality hardcover sketchbook to keep.


Payment for 4 Week Trial / E transfer before classes begin

Payment for Yearly Enrollment/ Full payment for the remainder of year by post dated cheques (outlined in enrollment policies provided ) due 1st week of student's continuation of classes.

No other payment methods excepted.


New Students 

New students can enroll at any time (providing space available) and can try progam for 4 weeks.

After 4 week trial, instructor will make decision on continued enrollment.

Fee for 4 week Trial: $42.50 x 4 plus hst / $ 195.50 

Supplies: All drawing, painting materials included in price.

Payment method / Email money transfer only

Continuing Enrollment After 4 week Trial

After approved 4 week trial, students may continue in the program, by signing up for the remainder of the year.  Balance of fees will be calculated for remaining number of yearly designated classes. The total cost of remaining classes until June, will be divided /pro rated in monthly payments up til and including June.

Supplies: All drawing and painting supplies included in price.


Returning Students Fall 2021

Full fee amount Sept 2021 - June 2022 of 32 classes for the year/ pro rated at $156.40 per month 

To Reserve space, for Sept 2021, $ 156.40 required by May 15th, 2021.

Wait List for Enrollment

Please note: Spaces for new enrollment each year Sept-June, are limited due to majority of students who maintain a steady enrollment.

Therefore it is advised that to be considered for a future available space, that parents /guardian register their name / phone number along with student's name and age.

Please send information by email to

Upon receipt of your email you will be sent  an Application Questionnaire. 


To Register: Email or Phone 902 452-0311

Please include phone number when contacting by email


Student Artwork

Please tap picture to enlarge artwork