About Peggy-Lynn

Peggy-Lynn has always possessed an innate passion for art, a flame kindled by her family from her earliest days. Over the span of three decades, she's flourished professionally as an artist, illustrator, and educator.

Her journey began with formal education at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, where she earned a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication. However, life took an unexpected turn when Peggy-Lynn faced a prolonged battle with illness after graduation. It was during this arduous period of recovery, that she rediscovered solace in her art, using painting and drawing as a therapeutic outlet for healing.

Transitioning from commissioned work, to nurturing budding artists, Peggy-Lynn opened her studio to the public in 2004. Here, amidst the serene atmosphere of her Bedford sanctuary, she embarked on a new chapter of her career, devoted to sharing her artistic wisdom with aspiring creators. Her classes, tailored to small groups primarily consisting of children but also embracing adults, serve as incubators for creativity and advanced skill building.

Despite her busy schedule, Peggy-Lynn remains steadfast in her commitment to her students, cultivating personal connections and guiding each individual towards their own artistic awakening. Year after year, her studio becomes a hub of inspiration, where students return not only to refine their skills but also to bask in the nurturing environment Peggy-Lynn fosters, ensuring that every stroke of the brush and every line drawn is a step towards personal growth and artistic excellence.